LEE GOEBEL ENTERPRISES is proud to announce the addition of "MONOLITHIC GRAPHITE TOOLING" to its product line.

We now offer our customers full 5 axis machining of compound contoured tooling and mandrels from monolithic graphite material in sizes to 10 feet by 15 feet by 3 feet high. LGE has the capability to produce your tools with integral heating systems, for placement on heating blankets, or for oven or autoclave cure.

Lee Goebel Enterprises' capabilities include 3-axis and full 5-axis machining of monolithic graphite and honeycomb materials. We utilize state of the art programming systems and are able to read virtually any of the widely used computer program languages through our IGES translator.

Our integrated inspection system works within our manufacturing equipment software to accurately read the finished part data. LGE then supplies the customer with that data for final inspection prior to shipment.

Using our in-house, programmable, radiant heating system, and our 6' x 12' x 7' high 500o F furnace, we are capable of curing adhesive bonds and tool or mandrel sealers prior to. delivery to the customer.

LGE works closely with Carbone of America and SGL Carbon in St. Marys, Pa., manufacturers of the finest monolithic graphite materials found. Carbone's 2020 grade material is unsurpassed for use as a fine grain tooling material and SGL Carbon offers a variety of grades of high quality materials to fit your most demanding applications.

Carbone supplies LGE with pre-bonded 'tooling blanks' in a near net configuration so that we are able to minimize the machining required to meet your final configuration requirements.

LGE can also supply welded support structures (carriers) for any graphite tool or mandrel to fit the various fabrication process requirements.

Our 'proprietary' graphite sealers can be applied to your graphite tools offering you a strong, hard surface on which to apply release agents during composite part fabrication. You receive a "finished tool" ready for production.

We invite your inquiry for further information on our capabilities and look forward to quoting your graphite tool and mandrel requirements.

As it has for two and a half decades, LGE continues to offer its customers machining of metallic and composite honeycomb to exacting standards of excellence.

Our many years of experience successfully bonding complex honeycomb shapes to rigid customer specifications is a testimony to our commitment to delivering the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Weather it's manufacturing a sculptured monolithic graphite tool, shaping a complex honeycomb part, or machining a composite skinned honeycomb panel, LGE integrates every aspect of its manufacturing capability into every component to ensure that each product produced meets or exceeds even the most stringent customer specification.

***Customer Tooling requirements can be fabricated to customer standards.
***Tooling will be manufactured in-house or by qualified subcontractors.

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Contact us now for a price quotation on any of your graphite tool or honeycomb product requirements.

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